BarClad Low-Torque Sealing Washers

Product Description

  • Seals out water/moisture, air, dust, liquids, and other contaminants
  • Seals in water, fluids, air, and vapors
  • Low profile design perfect for tight spaces
  • Reusable & compatible with most surface finishes
  • Partners well with hex, round, truss, binding, pan, fillister, and socket head fasteners
  • Accommodates flat or oval head fasteners either flat or angled under head
  • Dampens noise and vibration
  • High-pressure sealing capability:
    Can withstand up to 9,500psi internal hydrostatic pressure
  • Made in USA

Metal Washer

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel NOW AVAILABLE!
    (add "C" to end of part no. i.e. LTN37120C)

Performance Advantage

  • NEMA 250 Type 6P performance rated (Neoprene Version)
  • Low-torque washer for fastening requirements under 100 inch-pounds
  • Exceptional performance in high-pressure sealing applications
  • Applying torque forces the flat surface of the washer to conform to the underside of the fastener resulting in metal-to-metal contact and an air & water-tight seal

Samples Available Upon Request

Sealing Washer Sizes

Screw Size Neoprene
Part No.
Part No.
Sealant ID
Metal Washer
OD ±.010
Metal Washer Height
#5 LTN37120 LTV37120 .120 .375 .050
#6 LTN37138 LTV37138 .138 .375 .050
#8 LTN37164 LTV37164 .164 .375 .050
#10 LTN37190 LTV37190 .190 .375 .050
#10-W* LTN43190 LTV43190 .190 .437 .050
#12 LTN43216 LTV43216 .216 .437 .050
1/4" LTN43250 LTV43250 .250 .437 .050
1/4"-W* LTN56250 LTV56250 .250 ±.015 .562 .055 ±.005
5/16" LTN56312 LTV56312 .312 .562 .055 ±.005

*W= wide washer O.D.



  • Stable, non-aging sealant
  • Temperature range: -80°F to 300°F
    (-62°C to 148°C)
  • Chemically resistant to water, gasoline, petroleum oils, salt sprays, alkali, some acids, organic and aromatic solvents, detergents, ozone, hydrocarbons, oxygenated and chlorinated solvents


  • High performance elastomer providing excellent stability
  • Temperature range: -10°F to 400°F
    (-23°C to 204°C)
  • Resistant to diesel fuels, oils, chemicals, most mineral acids, compression set, mold, fungus, and many aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon fluids that act as solvents for other rubbers
  • Exceptional resistance to atmospheric oxidation, uv light, and weathering
  • Low burning characteristics: inherently more resistant to burning that other non-fluorinated hydrocarbon rubbers